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Clément Legrand

Clément Legrand sensually ornates Maison Pampa with his illustrations.

He could have been Rothko’s best buddy, Cocteau’s muse or Mondrian ‘s protégé. The soul of Edward Hopper in the body of Saint-Laurent, Théophile, Cédric, Florimon, Raphaël or Clément Legrand… It doesn’t matter if we talk about the artist himself or his characters. He could have been all of them at once : a tortured but sexually liberated person.

The adventure started when Clément Legrand – graphic designer and director – was asked to illustrate two songs from Françoise Fabian’s repertoire : « Ce diable d’homme » by Charles Aznavour and « La Conversation » by Vincent Delerm. Immediately favorite, these two creations mark the beginning of an art movement which Clément Legrand took a lot of pleasure to imagine.

Since then, he has been stirring up trouble with his overflowing imagination. His drawings undress men and humanise them…
His characters leave in their wake the heady scent of bodies after making love.

Beware, warm-hearted souls do not abstain.

Cécile Chappuis

Design and production artist in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in Provence Cécile Chapuis creates objects made of cardboard and other material for architects, decorators, antique dealers, art collectors and private individuals.

She is passionate about art history, architecture and design and reinvents styles by bringing together inspiration from the Flemish school of painting and the spirit of the Italian Renaissance and combines them with contemporary art.

Showing great precision, patience and a permanently renewed creativity, Cécile Chapuis ‘s artwork pieces are made to order and entirely by hand. Each piece is unique.

In parallel with her work with cardboard , Cécile Chapuis, very inspired by nature, offers a collection of vegetal necklaces for the home, a kind of protective ornement.

Depending on her findings whether searched or spontaneous but always fragrant the necklaces take on an appeasing symbolic shape..

Muriel Landerer

After studying applied arts, Muriel Landerer decided to pursue her dream to become a free artist.

Passionate about all artistic fields, she expresses her sensibility through the material she collects and the colour.

She uses metal wire as a raw material. It sometimes curves, becomes a dead-end, sometimes a scoundrel and uncontrollable.
It can be mastered or forgotten, left to its own expression. Her wire, while being naturally strong is totally unpredictable.

It oxides, shows its age; looms and unravels, playing with the light as the hours pass, duplicates.

Muriel Landerer’s art work is presented at Maison Pampa between shadows and lights.